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Treatment Dermabust R - Box 21 days

Treatment Dermabust R - Box 21 days

21-day treatment for firming and firmness of the bust.


R Dermabust Treatment, tightens and firms skin envelope and gives the bust breasts firmer and maintenance.


The use of Dermabust treatment must be done without interruption for 21 days, alternating each day cream and serum tissue.
The application of cream and serum tissue (1/2 bulb per breast) should be preferably in the evening,in light circular movements, starting at the base of the nipple of the breast., until completely absorbed.

The R Package Treatment

The package includes:

  • Restructuring a pot of cream 30 ml
  • 10 ampoules of 5 ml serum tissue


Dermabust has been rigorously tested and monitored to reduce the risk of cutaneous intolerance.

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