Nos conseils pour conserver
de beaux seins


We recommend that you:

  1. wear a comfortable bra is not compressing the chest.
  2. Wear a bra special "sport" at all sports activities including, for example jogging, tennis, sports,the Atletisme.
  3. Douching breasts in cool or cold water to tone the tissues. . The skin more toned, finds his role natural bra.
  4. Make scrubs bust regularly to stimulatecell renewal and circulation.
  5. Make daily exercise , for example:Stretch your shoulders backwards to restore tone to the bustStraighten up!Put your back properly.Take regular movements with the arms above the tête.L goal is to "raise" the breasts.Practice swimming, nontraumatic sports: Swim on the back for the pectoral muscleHang from a bar in a few seconds flat, feeton the ground to learn to stand up straight.

We do not recommend:

  1. prolonged sunbathing without sunscreen suitable.
  2. Massage the breasts too violent. To enter a cream, it is recommended to massage the chest of a gentle circular motion.
  3. The long hot baths.
  4. Changes in weight.
  5. A diet insufficient protein.