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Dermabust D


"Strongly Invigorates the skin of the breasts, the curve expands and improves the aesthetics of the bust"

D The method consists of:

  • Treatment 21 days:A jar of cream restructuring 50 + 10 ml tissue ampoules of 5 ml serum
  • Daily care:A jar of cream overactive DERMABUST 50 ml



for 21 days treatment

Continuously use onlythe restructuring overactive DERMABUST cream (50ml jar)andbulbs tissue DERMABUST serum , alternating one day cream, serum day. Applications of cream and serum (1/2 bulbs breast) should be performed preferably in the evening, in light circular movements, starting from the nipple of the breast, until completely absorbed.


On the 22nd day: day care

tothe restructuring overactive DERMABUST cream (50 ml jar)morning and evening, is used on each breast, but also on the top of the neckline in concentric light massage until complete penetration of products.